05 avril 2006


Upright in my bathroomA razor blade to the handI did not want to live more timeAnd I opened while thinking of youMy blood started to runMy head to turnMy sight scrambled myselfAnd I fellThe door opened and you enteredthen I regretted what I had doneYou advanced and for the first timeI saw you poured a tear for me.
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10 mars 2006


Voici 3 poèmes que j'ai écris... Vos commentaires S.V.P !! Cette phrase tant répété, Jamais je ne pourrai l’oublié, Jamais une erreur est accordée, Ça arrive dis tu en mentant, C’est un bien grand mensonge, Car jamais tu y crois. Again I come, As always you turn me back, With no explications, I bet you think I’ll forget, But that’s another thing you’re wrong, And then you leave, Again I... [Lire la suite]
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10 mars 2006

Poem (english)

Voici un poème que j'ai dû écrire pour un projet de St-Valentin en anglais (pour mon cours)... This is a poem I had to wrote for a project for Valentines' Day (in english course): For this day, When love is celebrate, I would wish us, A great moment, Something we have never try, I guess it could be nice, From this day on, I hope something will change, Happy Valentines Day, Dad
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